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Imperial Equities Welcomes the Master Group to its Tenant Roster

EDMONTON, ALBERTA/CNW  – Imperial Equities Inc.(TSX-V:IEI) today announced The Master Group has joined its tenant roster, located in 25,595 ft² of Imperial’s prime industrial space in north central Edmonton at 11418 – 120 Street. The premises have been refreshed and configured to provide 10,000 ft² of showroom, offices and training areas. The facility will also be home to Soper’s Supply, which was recently acquired by Master Group.

Master Group is a Canadian leader in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sector and is growing aggressively in Western Canada. “We are pleased to begin our relationship with Master Group, a tremendous company, that is growing significantly and positioned well to serve the regional economy,” said Sine Chadi, CEO.

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President’s Report: 2020 Annual Report

Years ago, as part of my pilot training, I learned about spatial disorientation, one of the most dangerous conditions that a pilot can encounter.

It is essentially an effect where your ability to interpret altitude or speed in relation to the ground is disrupted and it is especially dangerous when it’s dark and you lose sight of the horizon. Reflecting on the last year in business brings this phenomenon to mind. In a year in which all signals on lift off were positive and clear, disorienting disruption came as COVID-19 nearly shut down the world, another round of low energy prices hit the Alberta economy, and a once in 200-year flood broke over the banks in Fort McMurray, impacting one of Imperial Equities’ properties. There is no question it all tested our Company at its core.

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